LG denies Google Nexus 4 availability issues

Google Nexus 4The Google Nexus 4 remains an elusive smartphone. Despite remaining sold out in both Canada and the U.S., LG indicates that production is on track. An LG Electronics spokesperson told the Korean Chosun Ilbo that production at the Pyeongtaek factory is proceeding “without a hitch” and that “there is no problem in supply.”

The report contradicts earlier an earlier statement that confirmed that LG was struggling to meet the “huge demand.” For its part, Google has described the supply situation as being “scarce and erratic.”

As far as consumers are concerned, it looks like the Google Nexus 4 will remain as scarce as it has been so far. Worse, it does not appear that the situation will improve any time soon.

Read more: (in Korean) [Google translation] (Source: The Verge)