LG Lifeband Touch leaked ahead of CES 2014 launch?

Rumoured LG Lifeband Touch

Recent rumours indicated that LG would unveil new wearable accessories called the LG G-Arch and G-Health at MWC 2014 alongside the LG G3 smartphone. While LG was quick to deny that it had such products in development, a new image tweeted by the usually reliable @evleaks suggests otherwise. The tweet reveals a device called the LG Lifeband Touch.

Little is known about the LG Lifeband Touch. It appears to be a health-related accessory that will track various data such as distance and speed traveled. The name suggests that it will have a touchscreen as well. It will presumably also connect to other devices and come with a supporting app offering additional functionality.

The LG Lifeband Touch also appears to be an evolution of LG’s Smart Activity Tracker. Unveiled at CES 2013, that accessory never made it to market.

Specific pricing and availability details are not known yet. These will likely be provided when LG makes a formal announcement. This could come as early as next week at CES 2014 or we could have to wait until MWC 2014 if earlier rumours are correct.

Source : @evleaks