LG working on Glasstic smart glasses?

LG Glasstic trademark filingWhile smartwatches are garnering much of the attention in the emerging field of wearable devices, Google Glass has proven that there is more than one body part that can be outfitted with a device. While more companies appear to be working on smartwatches, it’s clear that Google is not alone to be working on smart glasses. A USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) now suggests that, among its competition, could be South Korea’s LG Electronics.

LG is looking to patent the term Glasstic as it relates to three categories of devices: Mobile phones, spectacles (optics) and clocks. Putting at least the first two together leads to the obvious conclusion that LG is working on its own interpretation of smart glasses.

Filed back on November 14, the trademark filing reveals little else about what LG has in mind. Perhaps future rumours or even LG itself will soon reveal what Glasstic could be.

It is not the first time that the term has shown up at the USPTO. It is also used for glass water bottles, microscope slides and even jewelry.

One thing is clear: It looks like Google may have some competition when it moves forward with its Google Glass’ consumer launch sometime in 2014.

Sources : USPTO // Phandroid