LG working on a “global announcement” for LG G Flex

LG G Flex

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Round which will only be available in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, it appears that LG has bigger goals for its first smartphone with a curved display. Following its launch in Korea on November 12, the LG G Flex could make its way to other markets across the world. An LG spokesperson confirmed to PhoneArena that a global announced was “in the works” but provided no other information.

Supporting this claim is the discovery of three variants for international markets. All three have User Agent Profile (UAProf) listed on LG’s own website. GSMInsider also claims that there are two other U.S. variants coming. In all, it claims we will have the following international models:

  • LG-D955 for Germany
  • LG-D959 for T-Mobile USA
  • LG-D958 for Hong Kong & Asian markets
  • LG-LS995 for Sprint
  • LG-D950 for AT&T

These variants look set to join three other Korean models for the different carriers there.

There is no word yet on whether the LG G Flex will make it to Canada.

Aside from its curved display, the LG G Flex also boasts a self-healing backplate that can heal or repair “light scratches” and a curved battery. The Samsung Galaxy Round, the only other curved smartphone currently available, lacks both of these properties. The LG G Flex is also truly flexible as you can see in the video below, something else that its competition lacks.

So, who’s picking up an LG G Flex if it lands in Canada or the U.S.? Let us know below.


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