Lineup begins for new Apple iPhones at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York

Apple iPhone 5S lineups have begun

Apple has yet to unveil its latest iPhones that the traditional lineup outside Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York has already started. This tradition has typically started after the associated Apple announcement but it would appear that the abundance of rumours have convinced these dedicated fans that they know what Apple has on the bill for September 10th. With both iPhones expected to launch on September 20th, these folks are looking at a two week camping trip on New York’s sidewalks.

It’s not just one or two impatient souls either. Two employees who work for SellYourMac, a company that buys and repurposes used Apple devices, came all the way from Cincinnati. Imagine their surprise when they found that two other campers beat them to the head of the line by arriving the night before.

Needless to say, you can follow their adventure on Twitter (#SYM5s) and they are bound to turn up in various media over the coming days. And maybe Samsung will be inspired to make a new ad in their (in)famous fan lineup series.

Good luck, guys!

Source : MacRumors