Local ads land on Google Maps Android and iOS apps

Local ads on Google Maps

Google today announced “an updated ad experience” for the Google Maps Android and iOS apps. Ads will now appear at the bottom of the screen after a search, something that Google describes as “more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers.”

The ads will include a title, ad text, and a link to get directions. Tapping or swiping upward on the ad (described as a “Get location details” action) will offer more information such as the business’s address, phone number, photos, reviews and more.

For advertisers, the new model will offer a number of free and paid click actions. For example, a user saving business information will be a free action but a “Get location details” tap or swipe will trigger an ad charge. Google adds that only two paid clicks will be charged by AdWords per ad impression.

Ultimately, Google still earns the majority of its revenues through ads so it’s not a huge surprise to see that they’re trying to better monetize one of the world’s most popular apps.

Let us know below how you feel about this new “feature.”

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