Motorola Moto X coming to Canada as a Rogers exclusive?

Moto X to be a Rogers exclusive?

We have our first signs that Motorola’s Moto X is coming to Canada and it will likely not be good news for everyone. According to an internal document obtained by MobileSyrup, the Moto X is indeed coming north of the border but it will be a Rogers exclusive. It’s not immediately clear whether this will be a finite exclusive or an indefinite one that will prevent other carriers from carrying what is becoming one of the most anticipated smartphones for the holiday season.

The report adds that the Moto X will launch in August as an LTE-enabled device running on Rogers’ LTE Max network.

It remains to be seen if Rogers will offer the full spectrum of customization options that Motorola is reportedly planning for the upcoming smartphone. It may well be that Rogers will carry a few permutations and direct customers looking for a different one to the Google Play store where it will hopefully be carried unlocked as well.

In the US, the Moto X is headed to all major carriers. Why Motorola Canada chose a different strategy (assuming it is legitimate) is not clear and is certainly disappointing.

Let us know below if you would switch carriers to get your hands on the Moto X.

Source : MobileSyrup