Motorola teases Moto X wood backplates coming soon

Motorola teaser for wood Moto X plates

We caught our first hint of wood backplates for the Moto X the same day that Motorola unveiled the smartphone. There have been a few “coming soon” rumours since then but nothing official out of Motorola since then though. The latest one surfaced earlier this month, promising that they were “still coming.”

It now appears that the Google-owned smartphone manufacturer is finally getting ready to offer them. In a tweet today, it said, “Put this DIY project on hold. Trust us.” It included the image above. That’s as good a hint as we’ve seen from Motorola.

Will Motorola offer the wood backplates in time for Christmas or will it wait until after to launch them? Neither teaser gave any clue as to a possible launch date. At this point, your guess is as good as ours but a post Christmas launch appears more plausible especially after Motorola deleted its tweet soon after. Did it launch its teaser a bit too soon? Oddly, the same teaser on Google+ remains available (at least as I write this).

If past rumours hold true, Motorola is expected to offer foud wood backplate options: Teak, Ebony, Rosewood and Bamboo. Each is expected to cost an additional US$50.

Are you still holding out for a Moto X with a wood backplate? Let us know below.

Source : @Motorola