New Pictures of Apple iPhone 5S Leaked

Rumoured Apple iPhone 5S

Images of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S have been leaking one component at a time for some time now but new images have surfaced that show a more fully assembled device. Obtained by MacRumors, the two images reveal the rear casing and an internal view of the smartphone.

The images reveal a device very similar to the current iPhone 5 but with a number of subtle differences. Among them are a larger battery (5.92 Whr compared to 5.45 Whr), a redesigned logic board and a dual LED flash in an oblong window near the top. The main chipset is not labeled as it normally is and could be a prototype of a next-generation SoC.

Apple iPhone 5S availability rumours have been all over the place but current consensus points to an announcement in late summer or early fall with a fall (September or October) launch. It could also launch alongside a cheaper model sporting a plastic case available in several colours.

Source : MacRumors