New power adapter now bundled with HP Chromebook 11

Updated charger for HP Chromebook 11

Following reports of overheating and even burn damage, Google and HP issued a recall in the U.S. for the HP Chromebook 11 to replace the power adapter. It now looks like the two companies have identified a solution and are packing a new charger with the HP Chromebook 11. Google sent 9to5Google such an updated HP Chromebook 11, giving them an early look at this new adapter.

The new power adapter is very similar to the one that comes with the Chromebook Pixel albeit a bit smaller and with the micro-USB connector used by the Chromebook 11. It is made by China’s LITEON and has the same ratings, 5.25V and 3.0A , as the one it replaces.

U.S. owners of the HP Chromebook 11 should contact Google to arrange for a replacement. No recall has been issued in Canada but if you managed to get your hands on a Chromebook 11 here, I would suggest contacting either Google or HP to arrange a similar exchange.

With its new charger onboard, Google and HP should be able to resume sales of the HP Chromebook 11 shortly. While it remains unavailable on Google Play in Canada, it is still listed the U.S. side with an invitation to “check back soon.”

Some 145,000 HP Chromebook 11s are affected by the recall.

[Image credit: 9to5Google]

Source : 9to5Google