Samsung 12.2-inch tablet coming in 2014?

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2

It now appears that Samsung’s foray into larger sized tablets will not happen until 2014. Digitimes reports that its 12.2-inch tablet will enter production by the end of the year.

Aside from the size of the display, the only other detail revealed is that Samsung is using a film-based capacitive touch solution from supplier Shenzhen O-film Tech.

It’s not clear whether this upcoming tablet is the oft-rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 or a model without S Pen technology. While it could be a new Galaxy Tab tablet, it appears more likely, based on how often it has surfaced in rumours, that this will indeed be the Galaxy Note 12.2. Such a tablet could also be marketed to artists and those requiring pen-input in their work. With a keyboard dock accessory, Samsung could even push it as a PC or laptop replacement tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 recently surfaced on the Bluetooth SIG website in both Wi-Fi and LTE versions. It also has shown promising benchmark scores. Specifications are expected to be very similar to those of the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2104 Edition).

Samsung has already proven that there is a market for smartphones with larger screens and it may be getting ready to do the same for tablets. Its competitors are likely paying close attention and could well follow Samsung down this path if they think that Samsung has another hit device on its hands.

Source : Digitimes