Samsung Galaxy Gear firmware update rolling out in Canada

Samsung Galaxy GearGood news on the Canadian smartwatch front today! Having kicked off in other countries earlier this month, the much anticipated Galaxy Gear update is now rolling out across Canada. Firmware version V700XXUAMK7 makes significant improvements to the notifications functionality of Samsung’s first smartwatch.

The original notfication system worked only with Samsung’s own apps and a few third party ones. For those that were not supported, only a generic notification was provided prompting the user to check the device. With the update, notifications support a much wider range of apps, including Gmail, LinkedIn and Twitter mentions. They also provide a preview and even message details when prompted. You can also select which notifications you want to receive on your Galaxy Gear.

Other changes included in the firmware update are increased range, auto connection improvements and better battery life. While not specifically mentioned, it’s likely that the update also includes the usual bug fixes.

The Gear Manager app should also be updated to the latest version in order to take advantage of these new features.