Samsung Galaxy Note II shows up in red and brown

Last week, a rumour popped up indicating that the Samsung Galaxy Note II would soon be available in matte black. It was quickly dismissed but not before sparking a “I want” reaction from many. New images have now surfaced that indicate that two new colour variants are indeed on their way. Sadly black is a no-show although it could still be offered sometime in the future. For now, the new colours coming are red and brown or Ruby Wine and Amber Brown as Samsung refers to them.

Red and brown Samsung Galaxy Note II variants

The image above is from a magazine ad from Korea. It’s likely to be released there first and make its way to other markets later. Like other model colour variants, not all will make it to every carrier. For example, Canadian carriers don’t offer the Amber Brown variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Anyone going to hold out a bit to see whether the red and brown Galaxy Note II variants make their way over to North American shores?

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