Samsung to ship 100 million Galaxy S and Note smartphones in 2013


Samsung held Analyst Day 2013 today to brief analysts on where the company stands at this time and where it expects to go in 2014 and beyond. The intention of the event was to reassure analysts that, despite rumours of slowing sales, Samsung remained in a strong position and ready to face stronger competition from its competitors in a number of different areas including smartphones, tablets and emerging markets such as wearable technology.

Do you remember that Samsung announced at the beginning of the year that it had shipped 100 million Galaxy S devices since 2010? It now expects that it will ship 100,000,000 (yes, 100 hundred million) Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones this year alone! This includes this year’s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 as well as the older Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.

Samsung Analyst Day 2013

Samsung also expects that the high-end smartphone market will remain stable in 2014 but will not show any significant growth. A growth segment will be LTE-enabled devices which could account for half of all smartphones by 2017. As a result, look for Samsung to focus on LTE and LTE-Advanced devices. Samsung is also expecting the low- to mid-range segments to continue to grow.

Samsung also announced that it expects to ship 40 million tablets in 2013. As impressive that is, Samsung expects to ship 100 million tablets in 2014. It expects that among these will be a growing number of larger tablets such as its rumoured Galaxy Note 12.2 and a larger 13.3-inch models.

It would appear that Samsung is not resting on its laurels and will continue to be a strong competitor in both the smartphone and tablet markets in the coming years.

Samsung Analyst Day 2013

Source : Samsung Analyst Day