Samsung SM-N7505 to launch as Galaxy Note 3 Lite?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with penMore information has surfaced about the SM-N7505 we first heard about late last week thanks to a shipment notification. It now appears that it could be a cheaper variant of the Galaxy Note 3 possibly to be known as the Galaxy Note 3 Lite. According to SamMobile, Samsung could unveil it at MWC 2014 with availability to follow shortly after.

Little is known about the Galaxy Note 3 Lite at this point. Based on the shipment notifications themselves, it appears that Samsung is still considering two display sizes, a 5.7-inch one as well as a slightly smaller 5.49-inch one. SamMobile adds that Samsung may opt for an LCD display rather than an AMOLED one as some past rumours suggested and the camera could be downgraded from a 13MP one to an 8MP one. Samsung is also likely to launch it in both black and white variants.

In contrast to devices such as the Galaxy Mega that sport larger displays but no pen input, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will likely include Samsung’s S-Pen technology as all Note devices so far have. Much as Samsung (and other manufacturers have done), the move would allow Samsung to offer a similar device to its flagship Galaxy Note 3 at a more affordable price.

Source : SamMobile