Still no ETA for BBM for Android and iPhone

BlackBerry BBMBlackBerry took to Twitter today to reiterate that it remains committed to bringing BBM to Android and the iPhone but there is still no firm new date. Today’s tweet from its @BBM account indicates that they are “still 100% committed” even if they have no new information to share with us:

BBM for Android and iPhone were to have launched on September 21 and 22 respectively. The iPhone version launched early but was quickly pulled when BlackBerry that it was experiencing issues related to a leaked version of BBM for Android. At that point, BlackBerry put the entire rollout on hold. An update a week ago confirmed that the launch was delayed by at least a week as it worked to block out this version before going live with the official Android version.

As of today there is still no ETA on when BlackBerry will resume the launch. Meanwhile, its competition continues to push BBM into irrelevancy.

Source : @BBM