T-Mobile to stop stocking BlackBerry smartphones at retail stores

T-MobileWhile T-Mobile customers will still be able to order a new BlackBerry smartphone online, they will soon no longer be able to walk into a retail store and walk out with one. David Carey, executive vice president for corporate services told Reuters today that the company will stop stocking BlackBerry devices in its stores and will instead ship them directly.

Carey explained that the move is due to the low demand for BlackBerry devices from consumers. Reinforcing BlackBerry’s decision to exit the consumer market, Carey added that most BlackBerry purchases came from businesses whose buying decisions are not made in stores.

T-Mobile will continue to display and sell BlackBerry devices “for those consumers who would like to see one,” he added.

Sprint, which carries the BlackBerry Q10, already does something similar at many locations. It will be interesting to see if other carriers now follow suit.

Source : Reuters