TELUS data travel tracker lets users monitor data usage while traveling

TELUS Data TravelTracker

TELUS today unveiled a new service that is sure to appeal to its customers when you are traveling abroad. Called the TELUS data travel tracker, it is a web portal that will let you track your data usage and costs while you are traveling to the United States or internationally.

TELUS will send you free text messages when you arrive at your location to let you know what voice, SMS and data rates are in that country. A link to the TELUS data travel tracker portal will let you access the portal at any time and let you check your data usage in real-time. You will also be able to purchase travel passes for the country you’re traveling in through the portal.

The service is available to all TELUS HSPA devices. It also works with the Apple iPad but you will need to manually type in the link to access the portal as the iPad cannot receive text messages. Oddly, the service is free for all devices except BlackBerry ones which will incur “minimal data rating charges.”

The new service should go a long way in easing travelers’ minds’ about data usage when they are abroad.

Source : TELUS