Upcoming Nokia “pretty special” accessory to be Bluetooth ‘Treasure Tag’

Rumoured Nokia TreasureTagWe learned yesterday that Nokia could unveil six devices and a number of new accessories at its Nokia World 2013 event on October 22. One accessory was described as “pretty special.” The usually reliable @evleaks appears to have revealed exactly what this accessory will be:

The tweet reveals little but a similar device was first revealed by The Verge earlier this summer. Called the Nokia Treasure Tag, it appears to be a Bluetooth/NFC accessory that can be attached to a certain item and then tracked using a Nokia Lumia smartphone and a tracking app. For example, you could tie a Treasure Tag to those keys that you’re always hunting for in the morning and use the app to quickly find them on your way out the door:

The app will also display the location of the sensor on a map, complete with Nokia’s LiveSight augmented reality view. You’ll also be able to locate a phone that’s paired to the sensor by holding down a key on the device. The sensor will trigger a notification sound on a phone, but only if it’s within range.

We’ve seen similar accessories from other manufacturers before. The addition of support for Bluetooth LE/Smart in the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 (Amber) update is now allowing Windows Phone manufacturers to offer similar functionality with their devices.

Sources : @evleaks // The Verge