Verizon responds to AT&T’s claim of most reliable network

Verizon vs AT&TLast week AT&T put out a press release that starts out saying:

DALLAS, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – It’s time to take another look at your wireless network. AT&T* not only has the nation’s fastest 4G LTE network, but now also has the most reliable 4G LTE network.** According to independent third-party data, AT&T has the highest success rate for delivering mobile content across nationwide 4G LTE networks.

Further down in the press release AT&T highlights three points:

  • PCWorld/TechHive recognized AT&T’s 4G LTE service as having faster average download and upload speeds than any of our competitors in its most recent 20-market speed tests — the second consecutive year that AT&T has ranked first overall. PCWorld/TechHive also ranked AT&T’s as the fastest combination of 3G and 4G services in the 20 cities it tested.
  • PC Magazine named AT&T America’s fastest 4G LTE network in its 2013 Fastest Mobile Networks 30-market study — and also swept the top rankings in all six U.S. regions from coast to coast: Northeast, Southeast, North-Central, South-Central, Northwest and Southwest.
  • RootMetrics® has awarded AT&T for strongest overall call, text, and data performance in multiple markets from January through June of this year.

The above data shows how you can make almost any claim, correct or not, by picking and choosing the data that best proves your argument. I highlighted the areas that can help them prove their claims; “in the 20 cities it tested,” and “in multiple markets,” very vague notations. The fact that AT&T was named fastest in certain markets is also helped by the fact that Verizon has more users pulling their LTE signal than on AT&T’s network.

Verizon Reliable Network

Verizon response today in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) mentions no names and takes no direct shot at their competitor. Instead, it simply touts its own facts, figures, and record of reliability.

Others have tried to claim reliability. But to us it’s not a hollow claim. Or a slogan. Or a fancy ad campaign.”

AT&T and Verizon are the two largest carriers in the U.S. so they have been particularly aggressive towards one another in their advertising campaigns. While this latest attack from AT&T is certainly answered is kind by Verizon, they never directly dispute AT&T’s claim. Verizon commands a premium because of its reputation for reliability and dependable service. When 4G LTE was in its infancy and Verizon was the only real player in town, they touted their 4G LTE as the fastest network, but AT&T has since surpassed it as the fastest network. However, coverage is a big factor – it does not help to be the fastest network, if you drop coverage as you travel.

Let us know in the comments which network you prefer and why.

Source : CNet