Verizon Wireless joins the Ubuntu carrier advisory group

Ubuntu Phone

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu-Linux, has done a good job persuading European companies to embrace Ubuntu, but, up until now, the U.S. carriers have shied away. Until now that is. Verizon, the largest carrier in the U.S., has just joined the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group (CAG), whose purpose is to “to prioritize the delivery of new Ubuntu features, and grow an ecosystem of software, services and devices.”

According to Sian Aherne, Canonical’s public relations manager:

Verizon Wireless is the latest member to join the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group (CAG). Verizon is the largest mobile network operator in the US and being able to work closely with them gives us an opportunity to shape Ubuntu into the most compelling new, alternative platform for mobile.”

The advantage to joining CAG allows members to launch Ubuntu smartphones and tablets before non-members, in addition, members can help Canonical work out issues before the launch, such as:

  • Differentiation for OEMs and operators.
  • Developer ecosystems and application portability.
  • HTML5 standards, performance and compatibility.
  • Marketplaces for apps, content and services.
  • Revenue share models for publishers, operators, and OEMs.
  • Payment mechanisms and standards.
  • Platform fragmentation.
  • Consumer and enterprise market segments and positioning.

Canonical is working hard on its Ubuntu devices and hopes to launch smartphones in at least two global markets in October, and then worldwide in 2014.

Let us know in the comments if you would be willing to purchase an Ubuntu device when they arrive in the U.S.

Source : ZDNet