Verizon’s VZ Edge to combat T-Mobile’s JUMP!

VZ Edge

We already told you about T-Mobile’s recently implemented JUMP! program, which allows customers to update their device every six-months. We also told you about an upcoming AT&T event, which may or may not involve new upgrade paths. Now, a leaked document on Droid-Life reveals that Verizon will be offering their own flexible plan to allow early upgrades to its customers, called VZ Edge, due to launch August 25.

What we have is a picture of a training slide that details some of the new plan. While no specifics are known, we can see from the slide, it appears that if you purchase your phone off-contract, Verizon will allow you to upgrade once you have paid off 50-percent of your old phone.

Verizon claims this flexible plan will allow customers to stay on the leading edge of technology. They also have a section listing that asks the question, “What is in it for the Customer:”

  • The Latest Devices on The Best Network
  • Lower Upfront Costs
  • No Upgrade Fees
  • No Service Contract

We can see no information whether VZ Edge will somehow apply to contract holders, but at least Big Red is starting to show a little love in the upgrade area. Once T-Mobile implemented their new JUMP! program last week, it opened the door for Verizon and AT&T to “jump” onboard. AT&T maybe using tomorrow’s “What’s Next” event to announce their answer to the JUMP! program.

In the comments let us know what you think about the upgrade programs and if VZ Edge goes far enough to compete with T-Mobile’s JUMP! program.

Source : Droid Life