Wall Street Journal: Apple working on cheaper iPhone

Following similar rumours earlier today, The Wall Street Journal is the latest to report that Apple is working on a lower-end phone, adding that it could be released later this year. The move would come in response to the growing challenge posed by Android and more particularly Samsung.

The cheaper model would look like its more expensive counterpart but would use cheaper components. For example, it could use a polycarbonate case instead of the aluminium one used on the iPhone 5. It could also make use of older and cheaper components to further reduce the price. This report makes no mention of smaller or larger displays as the earlier ones did.

The move would mark the first time that Apple would offer different current models since it first launched the original iPhone back in 2007. To date it has only sold a single current model with older models at lower prices. According to “people familiar with the efforts,” Apple has been considering such a device since 2009 (which may explain the recurring iPhone mini rumours) but concerns over increased manufacturing process complexity have kept it on the backburner.

The report adds that Apple could still decide not to move forward with this plan.

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