What’s in store for Google Chromecast in 2014?

Google Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast dongle was one of the surprises of 2013. The streaming media gadget that lets you “cast” onto your TV seemingly came out of nowhere this summer and proved a hit for Google. The first batch quickly sold out (especially with the Netflix promotion that came with it) and it has remained a popular item since. Initially supporting only a few services including Netflix and Google’s own YouTube and Google Play, Google has gradually added for additional ones. Only this week an update added support for local media playback and apps such as Plex and Vevo. Google VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz revealed this week in an interview with GigaOM that Google has bigger plans for Chromecast in 2014.

While there were signs that Chromecast would come to Canada this year, it did not come to be. It could be a different matter in 2014. Queiroz said that broader availability is coming. Google is looking to launch Chromecast in a number of international markets. No countries are named but he says that people will be “pleasantly surprised” by the scope of this international expansion.

Google also plans on releasing the Chromecast SDK sometime in 2014. Whereas Google only opened Chromecast to a few publishers this year because the SDK has yet to be finalized, it should be a very different situation next year. With “hundreds of developers” having signed up to add Chromecast capabilities to their apps, we can expect its use to become more ubiquitous next year. In the meantime, Google still plans to roll out further Chromecast apps in the near future.

Google is also looking to broaden the reach of Chromecast’s technology to more devices. “Our broader goal is for Google Cast to be established as a standard,” Queiroz told GigaOM.

Google has yet to disclose specific Chromecast sales numbers. It will only say that they have exceeded its expectations.

Source : GigaOM