White Google Nexus 4 spotted on leaked photo (Updated)

Along with the news that the Google Nexus 4 is on sale again today (and remains available several hours later), a leaked picture suggests that a white variant may also be on the way. The image received by PhoneArena comes from an anonymous source. The white Google Nexus 4 looks identical to the black model except for the white speckled pattern and silver trim around the camera.

Rumoured Google Nexus 4 in white

The 13MP photo was taken with an LG Optimus G sometime last week if the EXIF data is to be believed. The full-size image is available from PhoneArena if you want to do some sleuthing to see if it was photoshopped.

There is no word on when the white version could be released. Will you now wait for the white version or jump on the black one?

Update: A whole gallery of pictures of the Google Nexus 4 in white have surfaced via Vietnamese website Tinhte. Here is one of them:

White Google Nexus 4

It appears that the white will only extend to the back and sides with the front keeping its black bezel.

Read more: PhoneArena and Tinhte (in Vietnamese) [Google translation]