Wi-Fi coming to two Toronto subway stations this year

TTC subwayIf you live in Toronto, you know that public transit is a huge topic of discussion these days. While there is much discussion on future subway lines, one other area is finally getting some attention: Wi-Fi at its subway stations. Major urban centers such as London, New York and Paris already offer Wi-Fi to customers. Even Montreal has offered Wi-Fi for over 10 years now. It now looks like Toronto may finally have decided to try to catch up.

By the end of the year the transit authority says it hopes to have Wi-Fi service on two of its subway platforms. The Yonge-Bloor and St. George stations will be used as an experiment to gauge the service. Should it prove to be a success, Wi-Fi would then be rolled out by Broadcast Australia across the entire network over the next four years. The plan is to offer coverage only in subway stations and not in tunnels.

“It hasn’t been a priority for the TTC. It now is. Customer service is becoming a big priority,” said TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

As for Montreal, it just signed an agreement to begin rolling out 3G, 4G and 4G LTE mobile network service throughout its subway network, including stations and tunnels. Toronto still has a lot of catching up to do!

Source : CBC News