2014 ASUS notebook roadmap includes C200 and C300 Chromebooks

Rumoured ASUS 2014 notebook roadmap

ASUS may be among the last of the major PC manufacturers not to offer at least one Chromebook but that looks set to change this year. Rumblings that ASUS would jump into the Chromebook first surfaced last year and were followed up by ASUS launching its first Chromebox earlier this year. A leaked document called “ASUS NB Strategy” obtained by VR-Zone now shows how Chromebooks will fit into its 2014 ASUS notebook roadmap.

The single slide is light on specific details but shows the overall notebook product mix that ASUS looks set to go to market with in 2014. Its objectives are to grow market share and TAM (Total Addressable Market).

Two Chromebook models are planned. The Asus Chromebook C200 will feature an 11.6-inch display and the Chromebook C300 a larger 13-inch one. No details were revealed about either model. Based on the fact that the ASUS Chromebox (pictured below) is powered an Intel processor, it’s a fair assumption that so will the ASUS Chromebook devices.

ASUS Chromebox

The slide also reveals that the ASUS Chromebooks will be offered alongside the ASUS T100, and T200 Transformer Books as well as the N, K and X series notebooks and the Zenbook line.

We’ll keep digging to see what information we can gather about the ASUS Chromebook 200 and Chromebook 300.

Source : VR-Zone