Android Wear 4.4W.1 begins rolling out

Android Wear 4.4W.1 on Moto 360Google last week revealed that it was readying a number of updates for Android Wear. The first of these is now rollling out. Reports that Android Wear 4.4W.1 is now landing on the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360 have been received by AndroidPolice and other sources. Specific build numbers vary a bit by device. For example, the Moto 360 build is KGW42N whereas the one for the LG G Watch is KGW42Q.

As for what the update contains, the biggest change appears to be navigation improvements. For example, it is now possible to select your preferred method of travel, whether it be walking, biking, driving, or taking public transit, when you head out. If alternate destinations are available based on your query (eg, navigate to Best Buy), they will now be presented as well.

Setting alarms should also be easier now. For example, Google has added more options including setting up recurrence.

Android 4.4W.1 does not include features like GPS support and offline music playback. These are expected in a later update.

As it traditionally does, Google is rolling out the update in phases so it may be a few days before you see it land on your own device.

Image credit: Android Police

Source : AndroidPolice