Angry Birds to take on Deceptihogs as Autobirds in Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds TransformersRovio’s Angry Birds franchise is getting another lease on life with a new partnership. After their galactic adventures in the Star Wars universe, they are set to take on the Deceptihogs as Autobirds in the aptly called Angry Birds Transformers.

“We’re really excited to combine the iconic Transformers universe with the quirky world of Angry Birds” said Blanca Juti, Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio. “This mash-up is going to appeal to those who grew up with the brand in the 80s, as well as fans of the brand today. People are going to love it!”

The latest partnership between Rovio and Hasbro will once again see them launch a mobile game supported by a line of TELEPODS toys, allowing players to bring their Angry Birds Transformers characters into the game and gain unique powers.

The Angry Birds franchise dates back to 2009. From a single mobile game, it has expanded into a toy empire that includes toys, TV shows and more.

Angry Birds Transformers will launch later this year. Specific launch details were not announced today but we can expect the game to launch on Android and iOS at the very least with TELEPODS toys reaching national retailers around the same time. We’re also likely to see Angry Birds Stella launch first.

Sources : Angry Birds // Rovio