Apple CEO Tim Cook teases products that have not been rumoured yet

Apple CEO Tim Cook with Charlie Rose

It was a big week for Apple with the announcement of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as Apple Pay and a preview of the upcoming Apple Watch. Apple is also expected to unveil new iPads later this year. But Apple is not resting on its laurels and R&D continues unabated. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased that the company is working on a number of products that even the rumour mill has not caught wind of yet.

“There are products we’re working on that no one knows about, yes — that haven’t been rumored about yet,” Cook said in an interview with Charlie Rose. Some of those will end up becoming great Apple products, while others will probably be shelved, Cook said during the interview.

Cook also touched upon one area that has seen its fair share of Apple rumours. Describing television as being “stuck back in the ’70s,” he said that that it is an area “we continue to have great interest in.”

While we may never know about all of the concepts and ideas that Apple comes up with, the reality is that leaks and rumours will continue, especially in an age where Apple works with a range of partners, many of whom don’t have the same focus on secrecy that it does.

As for the Charlie Rose interview, Cook also touched upon topics like Steve Jobs’ legacy and the recent Beats acquisition. A second part to the interview airs Monday.

Source : Re/code