Apple to hold iPhone 6 media event on September 9

AppleEarlier rumours that Apple would unveil its next-generation iPhone smartphones in early September appear to have been correct. Re/code reports today that Apple has scheduled a “big media event” for September 9. Formal invitations have yet to go out so this is likely a hold-the-date type of announcement.

Needless to say, Apple declined to comment on the report but Re/code expects that the company will make the iPhone 6 “the focal point” of the event. The report adds that it expects Apple to unveil smartphones with larger displays, namely 4.7- and 5.5-inch models as most rumours have suggested for some time now. Both could also run new A8 processors. With Apple making health and fitness a new focus area, they could also sport a range of new sensors.

Recent rumours have suggested that Apple is still dealing with production issues with the larger 5.5-inch model. If so, it may be unveiled along the smaller model but not launch until later, possibly as late as December or even 2015.

This announcement is likely only the start for announcements from Apple later this year. The company has promised an extensive overhaul of its products this year. Along with updates to existing ones, Apple has promised new product categories. Among them is almost certainly the oft-rumoured Apple smartwatch which is expected to get its own event later in the fall. New iPads, likely with fingerprint scanners, are also on the horizon.

For the record, Re/code accurately called last year’s Apple iPhone 5S event so the track record is there.

Source : Re/code