Automation service app IFTTT comes to Android

IFTTTLong available now for iOS devices, the popular iOS IFTTT (If This Then That) app has finally made its way over to Android. For those not familiar with it, it “puts the internet to work for you” by letting you create functions called recipes where a trigger causes a certain action. For example, if you can set it up to automatically upload your Instagram photos to Flickr or send you a notification about today’s weather at 0700 just before you head out. You could easily create one to send you an SMS every time a new story is posted here at EyeOnMobility.

As the name implies, programming new recipes as they are called is pretty straightforward: You simply need a trigger and an action.

IFTTT recipe

IFTTT currently supports a variety of Android devices as well as 98 Channels, including six Android-specific channels. Among these channels such as 500px, Android notifications, DropBox, Evernote Feedly, Google Glass, reddit, Twitter, Up by Jawbone, WeMo and many others.

Starting a new IFTTT recipe

If you don’t feel like developing your own recipes, IFTTT offers a library of recipes ready to be downloaded. Submitted by both individuals as well as companies, they now number in the 1000’s.

IFTTT is now available on both Google Play for Android 4.0+ devices and the Apple Store. Best of all, it is completely free!

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