BlackBerry Beta Zone to offer “pre-release BlackBerry products”

BlackBerryBlackBerry’s Beta Zone is an opportunity for users to try out BlackBerry software before it gets released. Not only do users get a chance to test the software but their feedback and suggestions helps improve the product before it gets released to the general public. It now appears that BlackBerry will expand the program to do the same with “pre-release BlackBerry products.”

Select members of the BlackBerry Beta Zone have received emails to gauge their interest in this new program:

We’re excited to announce that in the near future we will be initiating an exciting new beta program for BlackBerry 10 devices! Based on your participation in past betas you look like you would be a good ?t for the upcoming program. If you are interested in participating in a beta program on your BlackBerry 10 device please take this quick survey to indicate you’re interested and to help us select individuals who are suitable candidates to participate.

  • What kind of beta is this? – This beta will focus on pre—release BlackBerry products. It will require the use of your BlackBerry 10 smartphone in order to be eligible to participate. Participants will be expected to engage in regular activities such as software upgrades, sharing feedback, and submitting bug reports.
  • What happens if I am selected? – lf you are selected to participate we will contact you with more information about next steps. Only those who are selected will be contacted.

It’s not immediately clear what these new BlackBerry products could be but the wording of the email, especially the part where it states that “it will require the use of your BlackBerry 10 smartphone” suggests that this may not extend all the way to new devices. It could instead focus on new services like the upcoming BlackBerry Blend which will bring various BlackBerry smartphone information to other devices. For example, it could allow you to receive BBMs or access your smartphone calendar from your desktop or tablet.

Is this something that you would be interested in? Let us know below.

Source : CrackBerry