BlackBerry Q20 to launch as BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Q10 keyboardWhen BlackBerry first unveiled the BlackBerry Q20 at Mobile World Congress back in February, John Chen told the audience that he had pushed to have it called the BlackBerry Classic. Instead, the marketing department won the naming battle and used the company’s current naming scheme to name it the Q20. But that was not the last of it. It now appears that Chen did not give up on the name he preferred. He confirmed today at the BlackBerry Experience: New York City event that the Q20 will be renamed the BlackBerry Classic.

Full details about the BlackBerry Classic are still not known but it will sport BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard as well as a 3.5-inch display. It will also bring back the classic function keys, ‘Menu,’ ‘Back,’ ‘Send’ and ‘End’ as well as the trackpad. It is geared at helping traditional BlackBerry users transition over to the new BlackBerry 10 operating system while still delivering the experience that they are used to on older devices. Like the BlackBerry Z3, it will be manufactured by Foxconn.

The BlackBerry Classic is expected to launch in the fall time frame.

Which name do you prefer: BlackBerry Q20 or BlackBerry Classic? Let us know below.

Source : CNET