Canadian carrier Google Nexus 6 pricing revealed?

Google Nexus 6Canadians can now order the Google Nexus 6 but an inordinate amount of luck will be required to do so. The latest Nexus smarpthone hit Google Play Canada earlier this month and promptly sold out. Fortunately, not only does it appear that more stock is coming soon to Google Play but Canadian carriers are also gearing up to offer the Nexus 6. None though have announced what they will offer it for but MobileSyrup has landed some carrier Nexus 6 pricing details.

According to their sources, both Bell Mobility and Rogers Wireless will offer the 32GB Google Nexus 6 for CA$299.99 with a two-year contract. Contract-free pricing will be CA$749.99 (the same as Google Play).

Initial Nexus 6 availability may be as constrained as it is on Google Play. An internal Bell document warns that it “will be in tight supply” when it launches on November 26. Fortunately it adds that “additional supply is expected the week of December 1st.”

As for colours, it appears that Rogers Wireless will only carry the Midnight Blue variant.

Other carriers who have confirmed that they will carry the Nexus 6 include both TELUS Mobility and Videotron. They will presumably offer very similar pricing.

Source : MobileSyrup