Global Google Chromecast launch imminent?

Google ChromecastThere are signs today that Google is about to launch its Chromecast dongle globally at last. Since being announced in July, it has only been available in the U.S. if you don’t count the short time that Amazon shipped it beyond American borders. It now appears that Google may finally expand official availability outside of the U.S. It may launch in the U.K. “within weeks” according to The Next Web.

Electronics retailer Currys expects to begin selling the Chromecast dongle starting on March 1 although it still describes the date as “provisional” at this point in time. It will also presumably launch on Google Play at the same time but that remains to be confirmed as do pricing details.

It also remains to be seen if the U.K. launch will be part of a wider launch involving more countries or if it will be the only country to participate in this first international deployment wave.

While Chromecast currently supports a limited suite of apps including Netflix, YouTube and Google Play Movies, the launch of the Google Cast SDK earlier this week promises that we should see more apps in the not so distant future.

Source : The Next Web