Google acquires Songza music streaming service

Songza logo after Google acquisitionIt may be Canada Day here but it’s business as usual in the U.S. today. Google today announced that it had acquired Songza, a music service that focused on “contextual expert-curated playlists to give you the right music at the right time.” Little information about the transaction has been provided but both companies promise that there will be no “immediate changes.” Songza made the following announcement:

You know why we love building Songza? Because you trust us to make every moment of your day better — and that’s a pretty huge honor. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re becoming part of Google. We can’t think of a better company to join in our quest to provide the perfect soundtrack for everything you do. No immediate changes to Songza are planned, other than making it faster, smarter, and even more fun to use.

For its part, Google added that it will “explore ways to bring what you love about Songza to Google Play Music.” It’s likely that Songza will eventually be rolled into Google Play Music. The technology behind Songza could also make its way to YouTube (which Google owns) which is rumoured to also be looking to launch a music subscription service.

The announcement comes only weeks after Apple acquired Beats Audio and the Beats Music subscription service.

Sources : Songza // +GooglePlay