Google to launch new Nexus 10 at CES 2014?

Google NexusAn updated version of the Google Nexus 10 tablet has been anticipated for nearly as long as the original Nexus 10 tablet manufactured by Samsung has been available. Rumours of a new version surfaced almost a year ago with hints of a more powerful version to be announced at MWC 2013 (yes, last year’s event). The rumours picked up in the buildup to the Nexus 5 and continue to resurface regularly ever since. The latest of these suggests that Google will finally unveil it at CES 2014.

While rumours have suggested that ASUS would build the next Nexus 10, Digitimes now reports that Samsung is once again behind the tablet.

Details about the new Nexus 10 are slim at this point but it could come with an AMOLED display. With Samsung expected to unveil its new Exynos 6 and Exynos S processors, it could also be among the first to sport one of these new processors.

Digitimes has a real hit-and-miss record so take this latest rumour with a healthy pinch of salt. With only days to go before CES 2014, all should be settled very soon. And if the Google Nexus 10 does not show up, we can probably look forward to a rumour that it will launch at MWC 2014.

Source : Digitimes