Google launches standalone Google Camera app

Google CameraAnother Google app has made its way onto the Google Play store as a standalone app. The latest is none other than Google Camera. Available for devices running Android 4.4 or higher, it features a completely redesigned interface as well as new creative picture modes.

The new interface is the most noticeable change with an extra large capture button now occupying a significant portion of the screen. Other changes include a new Lens Blur mode meant to mimic the Bokeh effect possible with certain camera lenses. Nexus 5 owners will also be happy to know that the new camera app includes a fix for the viewfinder crop issue. Other features (not necessarily new though) include:

  • Photo Spheres for immersive 360º views
  • Panorama mode with high resolution

With the camera now available as a standalone app, Google will no longer need to release an Android update to make any enhancements and fixes. Instead, these will now be available through app updates.

What do you think of the new Google Camera interface? Let us know below.

Source : Google Play