Google Play celebrates second birthday with sale

Google Play 2nd birthday saleFollowing similar events around the world, Google Play today kicked off its latest Canadian sale to celebrate the fact that it has just turned two. The sale offers both free games (or discounted in-app purchases) as well as discounts on books and movies.

Celebrate Google Play’s second birthday with this goodie bag of great deals! Be our guest and join the storewide party by picking up these limited-time gifts, from movies and books to exclusive offers on apps, games and magazines. Enjoy!

On the app side, you’ll find the just -launched QuizUp as well as Badland, Heroes of Dragon Age (with an exclusive rare unit for Google Play users), The Sims FreePlay (with a 50% discount on Adopt a Toddler) and FIFA 14.

Among the books, you’ll find discounted prices on Grumpy Cat, the Sherlock Holmes Handbook and a number of Dr. Seuss books among others.

Film-wise, Google Play is offering 50% discounts on HD versions of movies such as Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Great Gatsby as well as others.

It may not be the best ever sale we’ve seen on Google Play but it is still worth checking out. One or two things might still catch your attention.

Source : Google Play