Google Play Music comes to Canada

Google Play Music All AccessGood news! It took longer than expected but Google today announced that Google Play Music is now available in Canada. Like many other music services, it comes with a large song catalogue, some 25 million songs in this case (more than in the U.S. apparently), that can be streamed or purchased across a range of devices.

Google Play Music lets you create an ad-free, interactive radio station from any song or artist you love. You can add, remove or re-order your station and see what’s coming next. Or you can browse recommendations from our expert music team and explore songs by genre. The “Listen Now” tab puts artists and radio stations we think you’ll like front and center so you can start listening the minute you open your library.

The Google Play Music All Access service is currently available for the introductory price of CA$7.99 per moth with a 30-day free trial. That price will jump to the regular price of CA$9.99 per month after June 30.

If purchasing music is more your thing, songs and albums are now also available through Google Play.

Google Play Music also lets you upload up to 20,000 of your own songs to the cloud. You can then listen to them alongside music from the All Access catalogue. And for those times when you’re offline, you can”pin” specific albums and playlist songs to make sure that they are remain available.

Google is also marking the occasion with a sale on some Canadian classic albums for CA$1.49. Among the choices are Neil Young’s Harvest, The North by Stars, Fantasies by Metric and Fully Completely by The Tragically Hip.

Sources : Google Play // Google Canada