Hewlett-Packard-engineered MB Chronowing goes on sale on November 7

MB ChronowingWe first learned about Hewlett-Packard’s jump into the smartwatch business this summer. But unlike its competitors, HP partnered with U.S. designer Michael Bastian and online flash sale retailer Gilt to offer a device that combines the looks of a luxury watch with the functionality of a smartwatch. The product of that partnership was unveiled yesterday as the MB Chronowing. In fact, HP’s contribution is understated and its logo does not appear on the watch (except on the back): This is really a smartwatch developed by a luxury brand with help from a technology partner.

According to Bastian:

“The design process really started from a simple place. I wanted to create a wearable device that looked like a cool watch, first and foremost. To me this meant it had to have a few important design details – a round face, an inset dial that looked like an analog watch with hands, interchangeable bands, stuff like that. In the beginning, we studied a lot of wearables out there and walked away with a lot of ‘what not to dos,’ actually.”

“I think the most important lesson we all learned during the development process – and the thing that sets our watch apart from the other smart watches out there – was that while the look and the function of the watch need to be seamlessly integrated, the best results might come from two independent teams working together. Me and my team worked on the look and feel of the watch and HP worked on the technology and functionality. By working this way the end product ultimately inherited the best of both worlds. It’s smart, but also good looking.”

The 44mm stainless steel smartwatch will offer a range of notifications including emails, texts weather, sport scores and calendar appointments as well as music controls.

MB Chronowing

Unlike most smartwatches, it lacks both a touchscreen and voice controls. Functions are controled through three buttons on the side.

MB Chronowing

The MB Chronowing will sell for US$349. A limited edition (only 300 will be sold) MB Chronowing Limited Edition Black with all-black PVD plating, sapphire crystal and an alligator leather strap will stainless steel butterfly clasp will also be offered for US$649. It will go on sale through Gilt on November 7.

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