HTC readying cheaper plastic HTC One (M8)?

HTC One (M8)

HTC unveiled the HTC One (M8), its latest flagship smartphone last month, and it is now starting to hit various markets including Canada. One of its most distinctive characteristics is that it’s made of a single piece of machined aluminium with a “brushed, hairline” finish. It makes for a very attractive device but it also commands a premium price that may leave many fans unable to afford it. A report now suggests that HTC may have found a way to offer the HTC One (M8) for about half the price.

According to China’s Titanium Media, HTC could launch a variant that would sport a plastic body instead of a metal one. Specifications would remain the same but that simple change could be enough to drop the price by a substantial amount. The HTC One (M8) currently sells in Canada for about CA$230 on contract or CA$700 outright. Even shaving CA$200 by using a plastic body could allow carriers to push the price down substantially, effectively making it more affordable than comparable devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Whether HTC can save such a substantial cost simply by changing the case remains to be seen. If not, HTC may also have to downgrade some of the specifications.

It is also not clear whether HTC would launch such a device under the HTC One brand. It may alternatively launch as a successor to the HTC Butterfly which used a plastic body.

With a launch reported to come as early as next month, we may not have to wait too long to see how this one plays out.

Would you be interested in a cheaper HTC One (M8) model if it came with a plastic body rather than a metal one? Let us know below.

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