Humour: Apple iPhone 6 Dali Edition

Bending the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

You’ve likely heard by now that some new Apple iPhone 6 Plus owners have discovered that their devices have emerged from their back pockets somewhat bent out of shape. You can even bend it with your bare hands if you are so inclined (better yet, just watch the video below). While the affair is already referred to as Bendgate by some, it really should not be a surprise that a large but very thin device made mostly of aluminium, a flexible metal, can bend like that.

Other devices, including the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, also exhibit similar behaviour to varying degrees. But the iPhone 6 Plus seems to be more prone to bending because of its size and the materials used in its construction.

While Apple has yet to comment on the whole affair, Jonas Daehnert, better known as Phone Designer, has come up with a new iPhone 6 design that could turn a potential PR nightmare into a new hit device for Apple. Introducing the Apple iPhone 6 Dali Edition:

Apple iPhone 6 Dali Edition

In all seriousness, a bit of common sense and making sure that you keep your iPhone 6 Plus out of those pockets should ensure that yours does not end up bent out of shape. If you insist on keeping it in pocket, give serious consideration to investing in a solid protective case.

Source : Behance