IFA 2014: ASUS to hold press event on September 3

ASUS IFA 2014 event countdownAmong the companies that have announced press events on the days leading up to the IFA 2014 trade show are Huawei, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony. You can now add ASUS to this list. The event once again takes on the theme of “in search of incredible.”

As for what will be announced, ASUS so far has only promised that attendees wil get to “experience our latest innovations!” It does hint that it will offer a sneak peek at its upcoming product reveal.

Recent rumours have hinted at an ASUS smartwatch announcement at IFA. The device itself is said to be codenamed Robin and could be the thinnest Android Wear device when it launches. It could also be the cheapest, selling for between US$99 and US$149.

ASUS could also announce a refresh of its ZenFone line of smartphones. The latest ones were announced at CES 2014 and an update may well be in the cards in time for the crucial holiday shopping season.

ASUS has already confirmed that it will livestream its IFA 2014 event.

If there aren’t enough IFA 2014 announcements for you yet, don’t forget that Motorola is also going to make an announcement on September 4 but will do so in its hometown of Chicago instead.

Source : ASUS