Intel-powered Google Nexus 8 to replace Nexus 7 in 2014?

Google Nexus

Google may try something a little different with its Nexus tablet in 2014. According to the hit-and-miss Digitimes and its supply chain sources, Google will not offer a Nexus 7 tablet this year. It will instead go for an 8-inch model.

The increasingly crowded and ever cheaper 7-inch tablet market is reportedly pushing Google to the larger-sized tablet. The first Nexus 7 launched into a far less crowded market and was able to rack up sales of about 6 million units. A very different landscape greeted the second Nexus 7 at its launch this past summer. Not only had prices come down quickly but a wider range of tablets was also available. That trend is not expected to change in 2014. Google is thinking that an 8-inch tablet may help it better stand out in this glut of cheap tablets.

A larger display may not be the only change in store for the Nexus 8 tablet. The report adds that it could also sport an Intel Bay Trail-T processor. A final decision has yet to be made and Qualcomm is still in the running at this point.

As for Google’s manufacturing partner, ASUS could once again win the honour thanks to its “close partnership” with Google.

More details about the upcoming Google Nexus 8 are promised in February.

Source : Digitimes

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