Is the Samsung SM-R710 a new Samsung Gear wearable?

Samsung SM-R710 shipment noticeA new Samsung device has once again popped up on India’s Zauba shipment tracking database. Only days after Samsung shipped what appear to be its Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906S and SM-G906K) smartphones to its testing center in India, the Samsung SM-R710 is also headed there for the usual “R&D purpose.” What the SM-R710 is though is a bit of mystery. Zauba only identifies it as a “Sample Samsung Mobile Phone Set.”

Based on the description, it may well be a new Samsung handset. But there is another possibility: Given that the recently launched Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches carry model number SM-R38x, could it be a new wearable Gear device? SammyToday suggests that the significantly higher model number could be an indication of a premium device, possibly powered by Tizen. With the Galaxy Fit sporting the SM-R35x model number, the supposition is certainly plausible.

There is another theory though. The SM-R710 could the rumoured Samsung Gear Solo. Unlike the Gear smartwatches, rumours have suggested that the Gear Solo would be able to make and receive calls on its own without relying on a connected smartphone.

Another but perhaps unlikelier theory is that the SM-R710 could be an Android Wear-powered smartwatch. After all, a Samsung executive recently confirmed that the Korean company was also working on such a device. Could this be it?

For now, all we have is a model number and a lot of conjecture. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open to see if we can learn more on what the Samsung SM-R710 is.

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