Kiwi Glance turns your watch into a smartwatch

Kiwi Wearables GlanceThe team behind the upcoming Kiwi Move has once again turned to Kickstarter to fund its second wearable accessory. The Kiwi Glance is designed to turn any regular watch into a smartwatch.

Billed as a “smart accessory,” the Glance is a curved aluminium “smart accessory” that slips under your watch band to essentiallly add an AMOLED display to your watch. It is able to not only show you various notifications from your paired smartphone but also supports a range of motion-enabled actions and tracks various activities.

Glance is designed to let you focus on the conversations that matter most, and live in the moment. Glance is precision crafted into a remarkably thin, light design with machined aluminium, fits on the wristband on your watch, and works well with your personal style.

Among the functions that Glance will offer are:

  • See who is calling, never miss a call again
  • Read incoming messages with speed; through the power of Spritz
  • Respond to messages quickly by the press of a button e.g. I’m driving now, will call you back shortly
  • Find your phone by pressing a button
  • Use as an air mouse for your computer e.g. click to advance slides
  • Count your activity levels (walking, sitting, standing)
  • Use alerts to encourage a healthy lifestyle

The Glance will work with existing watch bands or with its own premium leather strap. It will be available in three sizes to ensure that it sits comfortably on your wrist. It will also come with both an Android and iOS app (with a promise to build Windows and BlackBerry versions as well if there are enough backers).

The Kiwi Glance Kickstarter campaign kicked off this week and will wrap on July 3, 2014. With a third of its CA$150,000 goal already raised, the Glance project appears to be well on its way to being fully funded before then. Early backers can fund the project for CA$70 and get their own Glance device later this year.

Source : Kickstarter