Lenovo unveils Lenovo C1 smartglasses prototype

Lenovo C1 smartglasses prototypeLenovo may the latest to get into the smartglasses market. It unveiled a prototype dubbed the Lenovo C1 last week as it launched a new program to offer a broader range of connected devices with new partners that would include both developers and other hardware manufacturers.

Lenovo showed off a prototype of the C1  but revealed few details about it. While it shares much in common with Google Glass, one evidence difference is the battery pack which is worn around the neck. Lenovo promised to offer more information in October.

The Lenovo C1 would be but one device in Lenovo’s new NBD platform (NBD standing for “new bench,” in Chinese) that would span a wide range of connected devices. But rather than trying to do it alone, Lenovo is looking for partners to help it build that ecosystem. “Right now there are too many kinds of devices you can develop for the Internet of Things. It’s too rich. Not one company can do it all,” explained Chen Xudong, Lenovo senior vice president.

The NBD program would offer a range of assistance to partners including funding, manufacturing, hardware research and other logistical support to Lenovo’s partners. It is for now geared for the Chinese market but Lenovo could broaden availability of some programs to other markets as well. It could also eventually scale up the entire program to reach outside of China.

Among the first NBD products displayed were an air purifier and a wireless router that can be controlled via smartphone or another mobile device.

Lenovo also announced that it was bringing the Vuzix M100 smartglasses to China in August or September. Selling for CNY8,000 (about CA$1,400), they will be aimed at business users.

Source : PC World