Motorola codenames reveal up to six new devices

Rumoured Motorola codenames

Past rumours about Motorola’s product roadmap have hinted at a successor to the Moto X as well as a 6-inch phablet (the Motorola Xplay?). A new leak suggests that Motorola could launch a few more devices as well. Digging through Motorola’s own Bug2Go software, +hellomotoHK has found six Motorola codenames that give us a better idea of what the company might have in store for us.

The Xplus1 and xWatch seem pretty obvious. They are likely the Moto X+1 (which as popped up on Motorola’s own website) and the Moto 360. The former shows vairants for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Europe, and Latin America as well as what could be an English international variant. Only one variant of the xWatch, the xWatch_DF, appears on the list. There is also an xClock that could simply be other Moto 360 variants for different carriers or markets. They could also be codenames for another timepiece (a nightstand clock accessory?) though.

Rumoured Motorola codenames

Like the Xplus1, the Titan looks to be a device that could have a global rollout. There is also the Quantum with two variants which +hellomotoHK suggests could be the Motorola XPlay phablet. There are also Ulin and Uline variants. The Uline variants in particular look to be VoLTE-only devices for Verizon. Perhaps they are future DROID devices while the Ulin model could a similar device meant for other carriers.

It all makes for a lot of conjecture so we will need to see if these Motorola codenames resurface in the future with more information tied to them.

In the meantime, it appears that Motorola’s own VP of Product Management Punit Soni has confirmed that one of these future devices will have a Full HD display by posting a screenshot of a device sporting such a display. Motorola currently does not offer such a device so it’s likely that Punit used a prototype to show off a new feature introduced in Android 4.4.3 that allows a user to turn on or off the display of the carrier name in the status bar.

All these Motorola codenames suggest a very exciting second half of the year for Motorola!

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